Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dog of the Month: February 2010 Daphne

This month's dog is named Daphne. We are not sure of her breed, and we have to guess at her age, but she is spotted and lovable the most perfect dog in the world! Do you have a rescued pup like Daphne?
Our family has always enjoyed taking trips to our local SPCA or shelter when the time comes to add a new member to our family. I still remember the first dog my husband and I got together. His name was Clyde and boy was he a unique pup. We saw him when he was still on observation and my husband insisted we were the first ones at the shelter the day he was available for adoption. He was basset hound/sharpee mix and was honestly an awesome dog! People say he was blessed that we found him, but honestly I think we were blessed more by him.
There are thousands of animals waiting to find a home to go to. Next time you are ready to add an addtion to your family I highly recommend you check out your local animal shelter.

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