Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Follow PeticularFashions

Did you know that we not only have this blog to watch our updates on BUT we also have:

Zazzle Store ~*
Here you can find a variety of products with our fabulous characters. You will find ties, stickers, postage, mugs, postcards and even a skateboard. If you don't find a pet you are looking for you can send us an email and we will put it on the wish list.

Our pet store ~
This is mainly for your loved one. We currently offer products for dogs. Soon we will have a wider variety for many different pets. Let us know if you have any particular items you wished we carried and we will gladly see if we can make it happen.

Facebook ~ Peticular Fashions
We are getting excited as we are almost to our 300 followers. As soon as we get there one of our loyal fans will win a PeticularFashions gift basket made especially for their loved one.

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