Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Candy Bag

It's halloween night. You're all set. The kids are all dressed up in their costume, their faces are painted, they have their flashlights, they're ready to go. But wait! They have nothing to put their candy in. You forgot to get candy bags! Oh no!!

Don't let this happen to you. Fortunately Peticular Fashions has the perfect bags. Made from 100% cotton and strong handles with reinforced stitching, these bags are a great value. And best of all, we're giving away two for free.

Just comment here on this blog or on our Facebook page to be entered for a chance to win. Winners will be announced Friday, October 10th.

Don't miss out on these cute Halloween gift bags and trick-or-treat in style.


  1. I would love one for my son Joey so please, please pick me. Can't wait to see everything you have to offer as what I've seen so far as really been darling. Wish I had a girl dog too as you have so many cute things for them but it's not to be since I've got a small boy dog... be he can be dressed too.

  2. Thank you Malana! We just made connections with a new supplier so keep your eyes open for new products next month :)