Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Almost Football Season!!

September 5th is the beginning of the 2012 National Football League season. The 93rd regular season. The time of year when the sale of chips, beer, and universal remote controls skyrocket. 
A time when two complete strangers can talk for hours about who has the best stats and which team will go "all the way".  It is also a time when you can see grown men cry. Ah yes, football season. There's nothing like it.

Do you ever take a break from the action and look around the field at the other sights?  If you did you would of course see coaches and cameramen and cheerleaders but there is another important member of the team that is sometimes neglected and forgotten. Yes that's right. The fearless team mascot.

Every team has one. We particularly like the ones that have a dog as the mascot. It seems like there are a lot of them in college football. That's awesome. But did you know that only one NFL team does. Can you guess which one? If you guessed the New Orlean's Saints then you would be correct. Gumbo the dog is one of two mascots for the team (the other is Sir Saint). He is a "Saint" Bernard and he wears the number 00. Of course he's not a real dog, just someone dressed up in a suit. However at one time their mascot was in fact a real St. Bernard dog and he would roam up and down the sidelines wearing Saints pet gear.

Of course you don't need to play football or own an NFL team to have your own mascot. You can dress your pet up in your favorite team gear. Just in time for kickoff we have some great football gear for your pet. Everything from team bandanas to football play toys.  We even have some very cute college football cheerleader outfits. Head on over to and get them now so you'll be ready when the first whistle blows and the pigskin flies.

Have a great season!

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