Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 10 Best Animal Costumes

We've scoured the internet looking for the best animal costumes out there. Extra points went to original, hand-made costumes. We decided not to limit the list to just dogs (even though there are far more dog costumes out there than any other type of animal) so expect to see other four-legged (and even two legged) pets on our list.

Like all Top Ten Lists we will start with #10 and work our way down to the best.

#10 - Hamstersaurus
This cute little furry critter looks simply adorable in the tiny stitched dinosaur suit. I wonder if his little tail wiggles back and forth. It would be hard not to laugh when this "ferocious" creature comes scampering into the room.

#9 - What's that Lassie? Tusken Raiders are attacking?
With Star Wars, Episode 7 coming out next year anything related to the galaxy far far way is a great idea. The long hair of the collie makes it the perfect choice for a Bantha. The little Tusken Raider on top finishes off the look.

#8 - What a bee-utiful bird!
I'm not sure if those are arm holes or holes for the wings but even if this costume was intended for a different animal it sure looks cute on this little bird. I bet this costume generated a lot of buzz among his friends.

#7 - Top News Story - Crocodile Eats Dog
Certainly not something I would want to see in real life but as a costume this one is pretty clever. I wonder if the crocodile's (or is it an alligator?) back legs move as well or do they just drag along the ground? Still, it's unique.

#6 - Careful or you'll step in a poodle
 I've seen dogs dressed up to look like horses but I have never seen a horse dressed up like a dog. Sporting a classic poodle cut and a rider dressed in a poodle skirt these two definitely stand out. I like the originality of the costume.

#5 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia-dog
A new twist on the classic Chia-pet fad of the 80's. Just add water and watch it grow. I wonder how many days before this picture was taking did they have to start watering him?

#4 - Joker-kitty and BatCat
Alone, neither of these costumes would have made our list but when you put them together it works perfectly. Superhero and Super-villain are on the scene and ready to battle. A black cat would have probably looked better in the bat suit but then it may have been hard to see the suit. Not sure but we like it this way too.

 #3 - Are you knot impressed?
 A neat twist. I'm sure the ferret is not really as long as it appears to be but thanks to some crafty sewing it certainly looks like it. The furry gal doesn't look too happy in the getup. Perhaps red is not her color.

#2 - The latest innovation - 3D cell phones

 With Iphones and other smart phones as popular as they are it seems only natural for someone to take it to the next level. I love the genius way they used the photo on the cell phone of the two dogs, matching the black and white one up with the head of the actual dog. Pretty clever. I wonder if Apple is watching.

And now for....
#1 - It's the pirate's life for me!

Shiver me timbers, those are husky men carrying away that chest of booty. Wait, those aren't husky men, its a Husky dog wearing a very cleverly designed costume. Hands (and hooks) down, this is our favorite costume. I wonder what's in the chest? Kibble?
To go along with this great costume, here's a riddle for ya, matey:

We all know by now that a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet is Rrrr, but do you know what his second favorite letter is?
It's the C! 

Thanks for hanging out with us and checking out our Top Ten Best Animal Costumes. We hope you liked it. Let us know your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have some photos of your own pets in a cute, funny, or clever costume? If so, send it to us. Maybe we'll post it on our website.

Until next time.... 

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